Iowa Employer CNC Set-Up in WEBSTER CITY, Iowa

Set up and operates machine tools, such as lathes, milling machines, boring machines, to machine work pieces according to specifications, tooling instructions, standard charts and applying knowledge of machining methods. Reads blueprint or job order for product specifications, such as dimensions and tolerances, tooling instructions, such as fixtures, feed rates, cutting speeds, depth of cut, and determines sequence of operations. Selects, positions, and secures tool in tool holder (chuck, collect, or tool post). Lifts work piece manually or using hoist, positions and secures it to holding device, such as machine table, chuck, centers, or fixture, using wrenches and aids, such as shims, parallel blocks planter gauges, and clamps. Moves controls to position tool and work piece in relation to each other, and to set specified feeds, speeds and depth of cut. Start and observes operation and regulates tool position and action. Performs accurate and timely inspections required by the print/job sheet, and/or work group leader, the quality assurance manager or a manufacturing manager. Identifies (including nonconforming dimensions) and separates all nonconforming parts.Produces parts at a rate which meets or exceeds accepted production standards, Performs secondary operations and inspections, including deburring and cleaning parts produced, as cycle time permits.Count finished parts and packs them neatly into a clean container.Keeps machine and tools clean, properly lubricated and in good operating condition.Practices good work habits including being productive and efficient, staying busy by seeing work, being dependable, clean and organized in work area, etc.