AMERICAN PACKAGINGCORPORATIONAmerican Packaging Corporation (APC) is one ofthe top flexible packaging converters serving customers throughout NorthAmerica. We are always seeking to improve our operations, deliver moreinnovation and value, and give back to our local communities. Our longstanding success as custom flexiblepackaging suppliers has been fueled by our commitment to providing moreinnovation, more quality, and more responsive customer service, along with ourstrategic investments in the latest technology.MATERIALCOORDINATORLOCATION: Story City, IASUMMARY: This position is responsible for the procurement of direct raw materialsin support of production order process. Determines the material componentsrequired and the operational sequence of manufacturing through examination andconformance to finished product specifications. Performs raw material allocations, and reallocations of materials, onorder as well as from available on hand inventory and stock. Responsibility includes raw materialinventory levels and turnover in conjunction with the efforts of the Schedulerand APC budget levels.Maintains current knowledge ofmanufacturing procedures, capacities and capabilities, company products andcomponents, and production control procedures and utilizes this knowledge tosupport the manufacturing schedule as well as customer needs.REPORTING RELATIONSHIP: Logistics ManagerESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:Participatein training, embrace concepts of and actively practice the STOP Safety Programfundamentals to aid American Packaging Corporation's efforts to achieve a zeroaccident rate.PerformAS/400 material allocations and confirm operational sequences as outlined inthe finished product specifications, trim guidelines, and production standards.Procureall direct raw materials and place orders with vendors.Ensurevendor acknowledgements match purchase order prices and requirements.Negotiateprices related to volume discounts and material availability. Manage purchases and releases to supporttimely purchasing in regards to vendor price changes and potential pre-buys.Timeraw material delivery in accordance to scheduled production while conforming toraw material holding and inventory level objectives. Release raw materials for delivery here aswell as offsite warehouses and update schedule comments accordingly.Ensurepacking lists and COA's are received prior to delivery of released rawmaterials.Processbill of ladings and packing lists to create bar codes for all incoming rawmaterials, including inks and adhesives.Workwith vendors concerning raw material delays to minimize impact on scheduling,efficiency and customer requirements.Orderand allocate materials in support of research and development efforts (trials).Coordinatepurchasing with subcontractors and inter-company divisions.Ensuremake-ready materials (set up film) are available to manufacturing and theproduction planner.Providematerial lead-time information to assist in identifying customer have readydates.Provideraw material cutoff dates for customer orders as required.Reconcileweekly Open Order Reports from suppliers to production demands; update APCorders and/or schedule as needed, as well as engage supplier if information conflictswith internal demands.Monitorinventory levels, turnover and reallocations of raw materials to enablecompliance to divisional asset management goals.Quarterly,review aged inventories over 45 days for disposition.Assistin the investigation and resolution of raw inventory problems; i.e., lostitems.Assistin AS/400 valuation and correction of erroneous raw material quantity and/orvalues.Facilitateraw material complaints (CRF); communicate directly with supplier and providedocumentation for internal as well as external reconciliation. Monthly review needed of open complaints forclosure; follow up as needed.Writestandard operating procedures as required to support job function documentationand to facilitate cross training efforts.Tosupport ISO certifi