Sabre Maintenance Tech A- Electrical in Sioux City, Iowa

Maintenance Tech A- ElectricalSioux City, IA


  • Performs major and general repairs on all equipment.

  • Performs diagnosis, testing, disassembly, inspecting, repair and re-assembly of plant equipment or components such as hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic shear, vacuum equipment, roller leveler, cranes, electrical boards and components, etc.

  • Performs skilled trouble shooting and servicing of pneumatic and hydraulic components.

  • Performs proper replacement and/or adjustment of mechanical clutches, drive trains, etc.

  • Repairs worn parts, straightens and fabricates fixtures (welding, cutting, brazing, and surface hardening applications).

  • Troubleshoots 24/12VDC circuits (control power on all equipment in the plant) through 480V 60 amp circuits.

  • Reads electrical schematics and diagnoses location of issues.

  • Troubleshoots coils and solenoids on Hydraulic Press.

  • Installs and moves equipment as needed - adding welders or moving equipment

  • Works with manufactures to troubleshoot and diagnose controls issues over the phone.

  • Installs and troubleshoots electrical motors.

  • Rewires the starters and contactors in the overhead cranes and magnet systems.

  • Assembles, installs, tests, repairs and maintains electrical wiring, equipment, and building fixtures.

  • Inspects electrical systems, equipment, and components to identify hazards, defects, and the need for adjustment or repair.

  • Tests electrical systems and continuity of circuits in electrical wiring and equipment using testing devices such as ohmmeters, voltmeters and megger meters to ensure compatibility and safety of systems.

  • Troubleshoots VFD's.

  • Assists co-workers and operators in proper direction of equipment repairs.

  • Records labor and material used on each repair made.

  • Takes proper care and use of test equipment.

  • Properly and safely uses lift equipment (cranes, booms, manlifts, cherry picker, etc.)

  • Handles production coverage with little or no supervision as s/he may occasionally be called during irregular hours.

  • Uses overhead cranes to transport and move material.

  • Reports all abnormal conditions and safety hazards to supervisor.

  • Performs housekeeping and other routine tasks as directed.

  • Works safely, and to follow safe working practices, including Lockout/Tagout procedures and other safety procedures.

  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • 3+ years of Electrical and Maintenance experience in a manufacturing environment. Licensed electrician is desired.

  • Must have knowledge and proficiency of basic shop mathematics, addition, subtraction, fractions, multiplication and decimals. Including ability to convert inches to metic.

  • Ability to read, write and communicate effectively in English.

  • Ability to read and comprehend basic electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and structural schematics.

  • Knowledge and experience troubleshooting VFDs

  • Ability to use gauging equipment from .001" up, dial indicators, micrometers, feeler gauges, etc.

  • Competent in Microsoft Office and other industry computer applications. Must learn how to effectively use the Epicore/Vantage computer system to report data, check job schedules, inventory levels, routings, bill of materials, as well as, train new and existing employees.

  • Will spend majority of the day standing and/or walking. Willing and able to climb and/or be on lift, heights to 40', Must be able to lift, push and pull up to 50 pounds. Able to bend, stoop, kneel, crawl, stretch, reach, grasp, handle and work in confined areas and awkward positions.

  • Distant Vision: must be 20/40 or greater corrected or uncorrected in each eye. Near Vision: must be J2 or better corrected or uncorrected, 12 inches from face in each eye. Color Vision: must be able to distinguish red & yellow correctly in each eye. Depth Perception: must be at less than 50 seconds of arc or greater than 60% Shepard Fry in each eye

Educational Requirements:

  • High School Diploma or GED preferred; (or) must have successfully demonstrated leadership capabilities in a manufacturing environment.

  • Bilingual preferred.


  • Monday - Friday, 6 am - 4:45 pm, Overtime and Weekends as needed (Days)