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CF Industries is a global leader in transforming natural gas into nitrogen. The chemical processes we use ensure we have the nitrogen we need to support life on earth - from fertilizer that feeds the crops that feed the world to products that remove harmful emissions from industrial activities. Through our nine world-class manufacturing complexes and best-in-class distribution system, we serve agricultural and industrial customers. We invite you to be a part of our nearly 3,000 employees making a difference every day. Department: 12 Hour, AH21A Production and ShippingFunction: OperationsJob Summary:1. The production technician (operator) is responsible for processing raw material into marketable, on-spec product by operating plant equipment and controlling the chemical process in a safe and efficient manner. Progression in this role is defined by the incumbent's job knowledge and performance. Position development requires that the job in each area of the plant be learned and personnel safety is not threatened.2. Takes responsibility for personal safety and the safety of co-workers, including maintenance and contract personnel within their assigned areas. Before any piece of equipment is released to maintenance, it is thoroughly checked to insure it is safe to be worked on. Production technicians also have emergency response duties in the event of a fire, explosion, leaks, and other emergency situations.3. Ability to give or receive functional guidance or training with other production technicians.4. Ability to recommend and adapt to changes as changes are made in equipment, procedures, or technique to improve efficiency, mechanical reliability, and process and personnel safety with a willingness to learn and develop within the tech levels.5. Maintain clean, clutter-free and safe housekeeping.6. Manufacture product to meet precise specifications which demands trouble-shooting skills.7. Understand the relationships between instrument readings and process control.8. Close observation, alertness and sensitivity to unusual events are required.9. A thorough understanding of the function of each piece of equipment in the job area; what it does, how it does it, and why; and be prepared to react correctly during upset operating conditions, and to perform the job safely and efficiently.Job Description:1. Develop a thorough understanding of the equipment, the process, and the interdependence of sections of the plant. 2. Assure that the process is operated in a safe manner and that appropriate corrective action is taken as needed.3. Operation of valves, and/or instruments to adjust fluid levels, flows, temperatures, pressures, speed of equipment, and starting/stopping of mechanical equipment.4. Operator makes the necessary operating adjustments via instrumentation, equipment, or chemical additions to maintain product specifications.5. Requires documentation, record keeping, and accurate, thorough communication (written and verbal) with co-workers, supervisors and other crews of technicians. Includes issuing work orders for equipment deficiencies as noticed and accurate timesheet submittals.6. Maintains effective communication and working relationships with operations, maintenance, and technical department personnel. Coordinates the operation with related jobs within the plant and routinely checks e-mails to keep informed. 7. Mobilize quickly using good judgment and without acting impulsively.8. The job requires frequent standing, walking, climbing (ladders, stairs), and the ability to lift 50-75 lbs. occasionally.9. The ability to work safely with hazardous chemicals is critical to a satisfactory job performance.10. Teamwork is an essential function of this job, as the daily tasks are distributed between technicians and may also require coordination with supervision and other plant areas, as well as, subcontractors working in the area. 11. High degree of reliability, dedication, intelligence and knowledge of company policies and regulati