Iowa Employer CNC Operator Internship in OSCEOLA, Iowa

Job description:*This internship is a program designed to train a Miller Products Employee on CNC machine setup and operation using a combination of state of Iowa community college classes and hands on operation of the machines here at Miller Products.Community College Classes:* The employee will attend Des Moines Area XII community college CNC Operation evening class (5:00 to 9:00PM) for (1) full year until graduation. Classes are held Monday-Thursday, on days that classes are not held, the employee will report to Miller Products for a regular 7:00am-3:30pm work day.* The employee may obtain a student loan or pay for the cost of the classes.* The employee and Miller Products will sign a contract where Miller products will pay 1/3 of the student loans for each year the employee works after graduation. At the end of a three year periodthe cost of the classes will be paid in full.* Miller Products will provide subsidy to supplement the cost of travel and expenses for attending classes. The amount of the subsidy will be determined on an individual contract basis.Work Experience:* The employee will report to Miller Products on days that classes are held at 12:15pm and work until 3:30pm, the travel to class. Pay for that period will be 3hrs and 15min.* The employee will report to Miller Products at 7:00am for a regular 8hr day on Friday and on days that classes are not held.* Overtime may be available during the week and Saturdays depending on factory schedule.* Wages will be determined on a case basis with the intent to have the employee reach the appropriate pay level for a trained CNC operator at the end of the 4-year contract.