JBS USA COOKER OPERATOR in Marshalltown, Iowa

Job Interest Sheet

Division/Department: Pork

Location: Marshalltown

Job title: Cooker Operator

Reports to: Rendering Supervisor

Nonexempt Hourly Rate:


Type of position:



3 rd shift


Flexible as needed; some weekends required

General Description: Running process of (Meat and Bone Meal and Choice white Grease) this entails running machinery and monitor equipment. Shoveling will be required as well as material handling. Employees will also have to perform clean up duties of their area and possibly other areas as well. Job also consist of running chemicals for the system. Documentation of the work being performed as well as documentation of settings at certain time throughout the process is also required. Use of Bobcat is required.

Required skills:

  • Use of PPE

  • Be able to work on all 3 shifts as needed

  • Able to work in both hot and cold temperatures

  • Self-motivated/High sense of urgency

  • Able to perform under High stress situations

  • Able to work up to 12 hours

Education Requirements (if applicable)

  • High school diploma or equivalent

Approved by : Rebeca Melendez

Title: Employment Manager

Posting Date: 10 /20 /201 8 Closing Date: 10 /30 /201 8