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Job Information

Staples Garment Operator Nights in Marcus, Iowa

Job Summary:

This job uses a garment embroidery machine and related embroidery equipment to embroider designs (e.g., company names, university logos, etc.) on jackets and shirts. This job is cyclical in nature. Garment Operators, review an embroidery work order, set up for the order, run the order, tear down after the order, and then begin the process again with the next order. The goal of this job is to embroider high-quality designs in an accurate, efficient, and safe manner with minimal errors.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

R e views embroidery work orders

  • Determines which work orders need to be run based on priority

  • Verifies they have been given the correct hats to embroider

Sets up for embroidery work orders

  • Uses work order to determine proper design placement on the garment

  • Selects which design backing to use based on design size and type of garment

  • Sets up embroidery machine (e.g., threads, bobbins, and needles) and programs it based on the work order

  • Loads a hooped garment onto the embroidery machine

  • Runs a test sample to check placement and design quality

  • Obtains production assistant’s approval of the test sample before continuing with the work order

Runs embroidery work orders

  • Loads a hooped hat onto each head of the embroidery machine

  • Starts the embroidery machine and monitors it as the designs get embroidered on the garments

  • Removes hooped garments from the embroidery machine once the machine has finished embroidering the designs

  • Rehoops the garments if there is more than one design to be embroidered on the garment

  • Continues the hooping and embroidery process until all designs have been embroidered on the garments

  • Applies stickers to hang tags when necessary

  • Monitors equipment and design quality and makes adjustments as needed to ensure high-quality designs and proper design placement

Tears down after running embroidery work orders

  • Removes hooped garments from the embroidery machine

  • Removes embroidery hoop from each garment

  • Inspects design and cuts any hanging or looped threads off of the designs

  • Cuts or tears away design backing from the garment

  • Runs heater over designs (i.e., puff designs) when necessary

  • Accurately counts and packs garments back into the boxes they came in

  • Documents work order information on the outside of the box

  • Loads boxes on cart and takes them to the production assistant

Keeps records and maintains work area

  • Completes production tracking paperwork and verifies that it is accurate

  • Monitors equipment and notifies maintenance of any problems

  • Maintains a clean and safe work environment

  • Performs other duties as assigned

Qualifications :


  • Ability to lift up to 40lbs

  • Able to stand and/or walk continuously for three hours at time

  • Able to read and understand basic English


  • Knowledge of related embroidery equipment including their uses, adjustments, and maintenance

  • At least six months of continuous work history or enrollment in secondary education

  • Skills in troubleshooting and solving problems

  • Ability to read and comprehend a work order

  • Ability to process work orders accurately, efficiently, and safely with minimal errors

  • Ability to maintain accurate counts utilizing basic math skills

  • Ability to stand, bend, twist, reach, and grip throughout work shift

  • Ability to use both arms to operate equipment

  • Must be detail oriented to ensure high-quality embroidery design standards are met

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