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MICHAEL FOODS Oven Operator- 2nd Shift in LENOX, Iowa

DescriptionWe have the honor and responsibility of working in food a critical infrastructure industry during this time of global crisis. We are working around the clock to keep inventory flowing to our retailers and to help feed the world. We are hiring at many of our manufacturing facilities; this is a great opportunity for those who are now available due to hours being cut at their regular job or being sent home from college temporarily.Take a look at how Michael Foods is giving back to the community during this difficult time!POSITION SUMMARY:This position exhibits the ability to safely operate any of the mold or belt ovens in the Pre-Cooked Dept., producing egg patties, omelets and French toast, to equally high standards of efficiency as set forth by the department. Thorough knowledge of all products; product specifications, cook procedures, pre-heat systems, and basic mechanical and technical knowledge of the ovens are required. This person needs to understand the use and controls of steam, oven temperatures, and dampers to produce product of the highest standard and document all parameter checks as prescribed (product temperature, weight, size, color, oven conditions, spiral conditions), on a timely basis.This position has the responsibility to comply with Safety work rules at all times as well as an obligation to reinforce Safety as a Core Value. Ensures that all policies, procedures and activities, related to Food Safety and Quality, are followed and complied with uniformly, in an effort to reduce product and process variability.DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Ability to start production run of oven, achieve and maintain desired production levels on molded ovens.Know how and when to set or adjust pre-heat temperatures, oven temperatures, and flow rates on molded ovens.Know how to set fill parameters of hi-bar pumps and injectors and adjust as needed on molded ovens.Replace O-rings and gaskets on pumps, change out fouled injector tips as needed, change pumps as needed.Understanding of product recognition- need to develop knowledge of different products run on the oven and the specifications of those products, and when adjustments need to be made (for size, weight, color, and shape or "cupping") and take corrective action as needed.Understand use of steam in the cooking process and use of dampers for air control within the oven and how to adjust if needed.Documentation - keep thorough and accurate record of production data as outlined on Operators check sheets and do Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) documentation.Know and understand the basic operation of spiral freezers.Work with Lead Person to learn corrective actions appropriate to oven and/or product.Knowledge of transfers from oven to spiral, belt placement and speed adjustments.Ability to communicate with Lead and/or Supervisor issues and concerns pertaining to operations.Remove and document waste/shrink, and assist in the general good housekeeping of the area as needed.Understand the responsibilities of line workers assigned to molded ovens, monitor their performance and make corrections if necessary.Work as a team member.Expected to adhere to safe work practices, follow GMP and HACCP guidelines, maintain sanitary conditions and ensure that product quality is maintained.Report to management any conditions or practices that may adversely affect food safety, food quality or personnel safety.Ensures regulatory compliance at all times.Performs other duties as assigned.SKILLS AND ABILITIES:Basic mechanical skills - use of allen wrenches, screwdrivers, and other general tools.Basic computer skills in order to work Programmable Logic Controls (PLC's) of ovens and spirals.Work well under pressure (i.e., during power outages, spiral or belt stoppage, or oven failure, etc.).Ability to travel stairs.Know and practice Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's) and Safety procedures as outlined by the companyWear the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for th