Hormel Foods Corporation Stripout Operator 3rd shift in Knoxville, Iowa

Job 17304 Stripout Operator The Knoxville plant has an opening for a Stripout Operator on our 3rd shift with opportunities for overtime. Successful candidates will work in our food processing production facility located in Knoxville, Iowa, and enjoy competitive wages along with a comprehensive benefits package. Weekend work is required. The Knoxville plant specializes in the production of Dry Sausage items including PILLOW PACK® pepperoni.

In this physically demanding position, incumbents are responsible for loading, operating, and unloading machinery that removes the casing from our pepperoni, all while making people safety and food safety the number one priority.

Job Responsibilities: ·Follow all company rules for food safety and employee safety. ·The ability to read and write to complete job related paperwork. ·The ability to perform repetitive hand & wrist motion throughout a shift. ·The ability to lift/push/pull 50+lbs as required throughout the course of a shift. ·The ability to twist and bend the body as necessary to perform job related tasks. ·The ability to perform grasping & pinching motions to complete job related tasks.

Working Conditions: ·Refrigerated environment - temperatures average 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled