Weiler is a heavy equipment manufacturer who engineers and manufacturers products to fulfill the demands of contractors worldwide through our dealer network.This position is responsible for the overall coordination of manufactured and or purchased items in the plant and or warehouse. Receives, stores, ships, and distributes materials, tools, equipment, and products within establishment or to external customers by performing the following duties. Read production schedules, customer orders, work orders, shipping orders, or requisitions to determine items to be moved, gathered, or distributed. Conveys materials and items from receiving or production areas to storage or to other designated areas. Sorts and places materials or items on racks, shelves, or in bins according to predetermined sequence such as size, type, style, color, or product code. Assembles customer orders from stock and places orders on pallets or shelves, or conveys orders to packing station or shipping department. Marks materials with identifying information. Opens bales, crates, and other containers. Records amounts of materials or items received or distributed. Weighs or counts items for distribution within plant to ensure conformance to company standards.Enters records on the computer. Drives vehicle or forklift to transport stored items from warehouse to plant or to pick up items from several locations for shipment. Completes requisition forms to orders supplies from other plant departments.