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GKAT Factory Line Worker in Des Moines, Iowa

What is Reclamation?: 21st Century CRT Recycling Technology, Our proprietary "closed loop", non-thermal process reclaims lead and heavy metals from CRT glass, provided an ecologically safe recycling method and lowering your carbon footprint.We are seeking a Factory Line Worker to become an integral part of our team! You will perform assembly line tasks as well as identify areas of improvement to increase efficiency.BI-LINGUAL APPLICANTS Strongly Encouraged to Apply! We rotate our line workers to three different positions to help with ergonomics and job variety.(1) Disassembly: The primary responsibility of this position is to disassemble and separate the various components of the CRT televisions/monitors, so they cn be recycled. During disassembly the technician sorts of the plastic, metal, CRT glass, and other components and places them in the appropriate collection locations.(2) Tube Breaking: The primary responsibility of this position is to break down whole CRTs (tubes) and separate the components.(3) Glass Processing: The responsibility of this position is to maintain the quality of the finished semi refined product by removing unwanted debris. The Glass Processing Technician visually inspects the glass product and manually picks out contaminants.