Esterline Embedded Software Architect - AutoSAR in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Job Description

Description: Embedded Software Architect Do you want to be part of a team that delivers high quality software for agriculture equipment? We are looking for Embedded Software Architects to help design elegant and simple software architectures for our next generation of products. As an Embedded Software Architect you will be responsible for delivering AUTOSAR complaint software architectures for specific subsystems/features. This will be accomplished by working directly with one of our software delivery team’s Subsystem Engineer, the subject matter expert. The two of you will work together to define the software architecture. You are also responsible for entering the architecture into PREEvision, where you ensure that the software architecture guidelines, signal definitions, and naming conventions are all followed. You will be required to understand requirements of the subsystem, as well as the physical components used to realize its desired functionality. You will also be required to write software requirements for the designed architecture. Once the architecture is completed, you will work with the software delivery team to further refine the architecture and clarify software requirements.

Specific Position Requirements: As an Embedded Software Architect, you will help design the high level software architecture and software requirements for electromechanical/electrohydraulic subsystems for agricultural equipment. Specific job responsibilities include:

  • Creating AUTOSAR compliant software architectures per our clients Software Architecture Guidelines for specific electrohydraulic subsystems.

  • Enter software architecture into PREEvision and ensure guidelines and naming conventions are followed.

  • Verify that the designed software architecture meets the high level subsystem requirements.

  • Create software requirements for the software components defined in the software architecture.

  • Conduct software architecture and requirements reviews and the document results.

What It Takes: We need an excellent communicator, both verbal and written, who thrives on solving problems and working in a team environment. Ideally, you will have a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical, Computer, Software Engineering or Computer Science.

We also require:

  • 4+ years of experience as Software Architect experience with a minimum 2 years working as a software systems architect, specifically for AUTOSAR compliant systems

  • 3+ years of experience with embedded software development for embedded microcontrollers in mobile applications.

  • 2+ years of experience working with Model Based Software Design (MBSD) and/or system simulation (Matlab, Simulink, and Stateflow).

  • Experience with AUTOSAR authoring tools like PREEvision, DaVinci Developer, etc.

  • Experience working in mechatronics; this includes a solid understanding of electrical and electronics, hydraulics, and mechanical systems.

A strong candidate will also have:

  • Technical experience relating to design/diagnostics of mechanical/electrical/hydraulic systems.

  • Product engineering experience.

  • Experience taking high level requirements and designing production intent embedded software applications.

  • Experience in authoring detailed software requirements used to implement embedded software.

  • Knowledge and understanding of vehicle networks and protocols (CAN, J1939, ISOBUS, LIN, etc.).

City: Cedar Rapids

State/Province/County: Iowa

Full/Part-Time: Full Time

Position Type: Regular