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Job Information

Tenneco/Federal Mogul Motorparts Extruder Team Leader in BURLINGTON, Iowa

Extruder Team Leader

  • Tracking Code: 186264

  • Job Location: BURLINGTON, IA

  • Country: United States

Job Description

Job Summary

The Team Leader works with Team Members, supervision, engineering, maintenance/tool room, and quality support to facilitate the production of quality components/finished parts at the lowest manufacturing cost. The Team Leader will assist in task organization/orientation, collect information from and communicate to required sources, to maximize productivity of the Team. The Team Leader is a very important link in the communication chain between Team Members and other required sources.

This is a very mechanical position and requires a high level of mechanical ability to be able to teach and train others on Cold Forming Metal Extrusion processes.


  • Leads required daily team meetings (e.g., shift start/change meetings), following a prescribed agenda. Organizes for the meeting, guides the discussion, and actively participates in team meetings, including shift change team meetings (if needed).

  • Orients, trains and/or facilitates (objective) training needs of employees in team production processes.

  • Keeps team records (e.g., communications boards).

  • Monitors production and consults with operations supervisor on needed adjustments in work assignments and may recommend changes in work procedures if necessary. After consultation with supervisor, may assign workers to meet production demands (supervisor will be responsible for any/all changes resulting from this type of action that violate contractual provisions) .

  • Communicates resource requirements (e.g., tooling, materials, maintenance/tool room support, set-up support, quality support) for the team directly to operations supervisor and secures resources if possible.

  • Communicates production and quality issues to supervisor and/or quality personnel.

  • Confers with management/supervision, engineering, and/or quality assurance, in order to coordinate production.

  • Notifies supervisor of quality problems, of recurring equipment malfunctions, and corrective actions taken.

  • Assists on machine maintenance and/or downtime in accordance with team job classification requirements.

  • Performs other work required (e.g., 5S activities, general housekeeping, etc,) of their assigned team.

  • Assists on changeovers in accordance with team job classification requirements.

  • May cover absenteeism within their assigned team or other similar operation work center team leader.

  • Performs and/or assists with preventative maintenance activities as needed within their team area in accordance with team job classification requirements.

  • Performs work center production activities for the team to ensure smooth orderly production flow including but not limited to rework, product/process auditing, and machine operations. Coordinates their team’s suggestion process. Makes recommendations to their operations supervisor of teams suggestions, follows through with the implementation, and communicates back to team.

  • Provide support to other assembly machines not included in established teams as required.

  • Install new/modified tooling and stations.

Essential Functions: The Team Leader will be responsible to ensure communications with the oncoming and off going shifts, hold start up meetings and maintain the area communications boards. They will lead 5S and SMED events in their area as well as work well with members of their team. They will also be responsible to maintain and ensure compliance with all process, quality analysis and any other parameters required to maintain the safe and quality compliant operation for the machinery in this classification. Follows safety guidelines and wears safety equipment as required. Performs and monitors 5S activities, cleans up spills promptly. Actively participates in the development and execution of training programs and plans on the equipment and operation of the machinery which the classifications they lead operate. Secure signed setup signoff sheets and or sign off on same as needed. Complete tool life monitoring and other documents required for quality or production function or running the machine(s). Assist and train extruder operators in machine operations, troubleshooting techniques, quality checks and monitoring work. Document tool chart corrections and present to engineering. Identify and mentor potential personnel for future Team Lead positions. Assist and carry out machine repairs as and when required.

Operates FORMAX 56/66, 226, 625, and 625 S-3 or other cold forming machines and associated equipment when not preforming setups, trouble shooting, or training. Complete 5S and safety requirements as needed. Preventative maintenance and performing quality testing. Compete other duties as assigned.

Skill and Abilities

  • While in team leader role, coordinate and perform production, setup, repair, operate, maintain and supply but not limited to all cold forming machines and associated equipment including but not limited to FORMAX 56/66, 226, 625, and 625 S-3 to produce parts to specified tolerances and rates and other work as assigned.

  • Demonstrate proper ability to perform the required work with normal supervision in conjunction with the job description.


  • Striving to be the best on the team - Setting the example for all team members to follow.

  • Develops and assists in team proficiency and productivity - Effectively teach/train (using objective standards and measures, when/where available) other team members on work center equipment, operational procedures, etc. Confers with team members and operations supervisors to determine and establish training needs within the team and assists in establishing changes to work procedures and instructions (using objective standards and measures, when/where available).

  • Follows all standards for the Company and department - This includes all procedures, work instructions, quality documents and safety procedures. Ask for further instruction on standards from supervisor/management if standards are not understood. Request further training if the task or procedure is unclear.

  • Strives to ensure quality and discrepant product are not produced - Build quality into work. Ensure processes are consistent with quality objectives. Be aware of current quality levels versus target levels. Report quality issues to supervision/quality support when not. When causes are known and under the team’s control, will fix the cause of quality issues (when able).

  • Housekeeping and safety - Understands 5S standards and assists in housekeeping activities in work center and ensures it is maintained in a clean, safe, and orderly fashion.

  • Continually develops good organizational and communication skills for and with other team member

  • Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled

Starting Pay: 17.89 and progresses to $21.05 over two years.

Plus $.45/hour shift differential for 2nd shift or $.55/hour shift differential for 3rd shift

Benefits: BCBS Medical Insurance (3 options), 401k, Retirement contribution, Short term disability, vacation, holidays with pay

Required Skills

Requires a high school education or equivalent Understand English and effective communication & writing skills Understand blueprints & know how to interpret engineering drawings Ability to multi task effectively, demonstrate strong work ethic and efficiencies in time management. Ability to work in a factory environment with temperatures subject to outside conditions Ability to work in confined spaces Ability to lift loads regular at 40 pounds and occasionally up to 75 pounds

We are an equal opportunity employer. Employment selection and related decisions are made without regard to gender, race, age, disability, religion, national origin, color, gender identity, sexual orientation, veteran status or any other protected class.