AUDUBON COUNTY Road Superintendent in AUDUBON, Iowa

PURPOSE OF POSITION:Under general direction of County Engineer; -supervises and coordinates the assignment of employees, equipment, and materials for seasonal, cyclical or emergency roads and related right of way maintenance and repair projects. -sets repair and replacement priorities for mechanical work; and supervises and coordinates services provided by and secured by the As-Needed Mechanic. -provides necessary information to the Engineeris office for maintenance of work orders on public inquires, request for services and complaints received, and communicates with the Engineeris office on responses given and status of those responses.-provides ongoing direction and guidance as required and timely updates County Engineer on all matters.ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSOBILITIESThe following duties are required for this position but are not to be construed as exclusive or all inclusive and other duties maybe assigned and required by the Engineer1.The administration and management of Audubon County Secondary Road Department maintenance and repair projects to the County roadway system; including responsibility for granular, asphalt and concrete pavements, ditch cleaning, culvert replacement, edge rut repair, bridge maintenance and repairs, and other items as needed2.The administration and management of the As-Needed Mechanic to include prioritizing repairs, replacements, testing, and general maintenance of equipment; 3.Will prepare a daily report assigning employees to specific projects and reviews employees work periodically for adherence to desired specifications. Then reviews daily and monthly timesheets of employees under his/her supervision for completeness and accuracy and reports as needed to the County Engineer.4.Is responsible for training, or arranges training of, employees on a variety of record keeping activities to be in compliance with State & Federal Law and Secondary Roads policies and procedures and how to service and operate Secondary Roads Department equipment and tools.5.Will assist the County Engineer in employee evaluations, and recommends personnel actions such as new hires, promotions and discipline measures to the County Engineer.6.Is available for emergency situations relating to the Audubon County Secondary Road Department to respond to road and safety emergencies as reported by Sheriffis Department and/or Emergency Preparedness Director. 7.Will check County roads for snow and/or ice as necessary during the winter months and calls out maintenance crews as needed.8.The administration and management of equipment, to include repairs and preventive maintenance, parts, tires, maintaining fuel & oil supplies, materials, and maintenance and repairing of buildings and grounds along with maintaining inventory control. 9.Be responsible to coordinate with the Roadside Manager on equipment and personnel needs for brush removal, spraying, seeding & mowing.10.The administration and management of sign maintenance personnel and their activities. 11.The administration and management of the Secondary Roads Department Work Order System to report public and maintenance personnel inquiries, request for service, and complaints received and update the system and Engineeris office to facilitate maintenance of work orders in a timely and coordinated fashion by the County.12.Will attend schools of instruction and meetings as needed and be a member of the Safety Committee. 13.Responsible to insure compliance with the current collective bargaining unit agreement and with all applicable Federal, State and County laws.